Clinical Leadership Award  

A Clinical Leadership winner creates innovative approaches that contribute to the improvement of the quality of nursing care, demonstrates the ability to facilitate change, uses research to enhance patient care, and participates in decision-making processes that influence positive outcomes for the patient.  

The 2018 Clinical Leadership Award Recipient is John Doe, RN, of Surgical Associates, PA, nominated by her colleagues.  

John serves as a leader and promoter for the specialty of Medical-Surgical nursing. He is a founding member of his Chapter and continues to promote and recruit his fellow nurses to present and take part in the organization and chapter.  

He is known to be a creative thinker at his facility, in one instance, regarding the wellness of his fellow nurses. He performed a research project entitled “The Effects of Coloring on Medical Surgical Nurses and Staff During Their Shift” upon noticing the stress levels of fellow nurses on busy shifts. Through his research, he found a way to help nurses de-stress, which led to better patient care.  

He is a known leader at his facility, where he is a member on multiple committees.